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North Celebes is one of 34 province in Indonesia with the capital city is Manado. North Celebes put on between 0° 30’ - 4° 30’ NL and 123° 00' -127° 00', EL. The geographies on North Celebes border on:
On the north side: Philippine country
On the east side: north Molucas province
On the south side: Gorontalo province
On the west side: Celebes Sea

North Celebes covers on area 15.272,16 km2, and that comprises several island also between Manado Tua Island, Bunaken Island, Mantehage Island, Talise Island, Bangka Island, Lembeh Island, Siau Island, Tagulandang, Karakelang Island, Ruang Island, Biaro Island, Sangihe Island, Salibabu Island, with Kabaruan Island. And North Celebes have the coast line 1.837 km. and North Celebes also have three municipality, Manado, Tomohon and Bitung, with the six regency: Central Minahasa, North Minahasa, South Minahasa, Bolaang Mongondow, Sangihe and Talaud.

North Celebes, is tropical climate, with the temperature is 32'C on the day light and 24oC on the night time and some times raining, amount of rainfall at that place more heavy between December to March and August to September is Summer for the year.

The people from North Celebes they called “Minahasa” actually Minahasa it is not an ethnic but called or it is mean from the first time by Mr JD Schierstein on the date 8 October 1789 at the time reconciliation between sub ethnic Bantik and Toumbolu (Tateli) and Tolour group also Tounsawang group. The meaning of Minahasa is Esa means one and Maha means to united many kind of Minahasa ethnic. The originally ethnic here in Minahasa has eight subs ethnic that is: Toulour\Tondano with Tondano dialect they live on the east side and near Tondano Lake. Tountemboan with Tountemboan dialect live on the west side and south side Tondano Lake. Tonsea with Tonsea dialect live on the east side, Tombolu with Toumbolu dialect also who live on the west side Tondano Lake. Tounsawang\Tonsini with Tounsawang dialect, reside in the middle of Minahasa and south side Tombatu area, Pasan Ratahan with dialect Ratahan who staying in the east side south, Ponosakan with Ponosakan dialect who staying on the south side. Bantik with Bantik dialect who reside North and South of Manado City.
North Celebes is important part from the Wallace line at the east side of Indonesia since 150 years ago. Wallace line is the fantasy line from the England scientist. He is Alfred Russel Wallace about the spreader of the animals. This line has a limit for the spreader of animals on west side of Indonesia and east side of Indonesia. lots of endemic animals Celebes live on the conservation. Area in this province the classified mammals is : Black monkey \ Yaki (macaca nigra), Kus–Kus, Bear (Ailurupos ursinus), Tangkasi ( Tarsius spectrum), Civet Celebes (Macrogalidia muschenbroekii), Babi Rusa (Babby russa – Babby rousa), Anoa Pamah (Bubalus depressicornis) Mount Anoa (Bubalus guarlesi), Kalong Talud (Acredon Humilis) and Duyung (dugongs)

North Celebes is the places for living from 89 species (86% from the total 103 endemic bird on Celebes island and also of the shore islands and there is 13 species and several is endemic Birds khas North Celebes and those are : Maleo (Macrocephalon maleo), Rangkong (Rhyticeros cassidix), Burung hantu gunung (Ninox ios ), burung hantu punggok oker (Ninox ochracea), Sikatan Matinan (Cyornis sanfordi), Sampiri (Eos histrio), burung Niu (Eutrichomyias rowleyi), kakatua jambul kuning (cacatua sulphurea), Pergam hijau (ducula aenea), Pergam putih (ducula luctuosa), Jalak moloneti (Scissirostrum dubium), Burung pendeta (Streptocitta albicollis, raja perling Celebes (Basilornis celebensis), Serindit Celebes (loriculus stigmatus), Kadalan Celebes (Rhampococyx calorhnychus), Burung udang merah kerdil (Ceyx fallax), Elang alap Celebes (Accipiter griseiceps)

The North Celebes forest can described seems like the tropical ever green forest including many kind type of vegetation like swamp and mangrove forest, beach forest, plain forest or low land forest, down the hill forest, and mountain forest. North Celebes forest, had lots of sign by special kind of three like Moraceae, Annonaceae, and eurphorbiaceae.

Concervation Area
As the important things for the conservation area to protect many kind of biodiversity, North Celebes has eight conservation areas to protect the wild animals firstly for the animal that easy to be extinction because of the people haunting or any kind of treatment. has eight conservation areas and those are; Tangkoko rainforest, (dua saudara) Lokon Rainforest, Mount Ambang Rainforest, Manembonembo conservation area, North Karangkelang Rainforest, South Karangkelang Rainforest, Bunaken Sea Garden, Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park.
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